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All images on this blog are photos taken by me during many years of travel and volunteering. I've always wanted to share them and in some cases their story. And so with my love, I create to share "Images of beauty within and beyond".

If you wish to use any of the photos, please kindly request permission directly from me beforehand. Christine x

12 October, 2010

Proboscus-less Mozzie

A mozzie in our garden.  Taken on 5th February 2010 in Urubamba, Peru.
Beauty from within and beyond is about seeing everything on our planet in a loving, accepting and peaceful way creating a harmonious and light reaction to all that occurs on our lifetime journey. 

Take this mozzie and remember how you felt when you first looked at the picture.  Convert that feeling into one of love towards the mozzie and expand that feeling towards all mozzies.  Tricky isn't it?  Especially when history and events of today have told us that mozzies can harm us to the point of killing us from various disease's that they can spread. 

We too have a history of protective violence, stagnant patterns and destruction.  We can acknowledge our history, accept our history and adjust our present to stem the tide of destructive patterns and flow with a procreative love that does not judge, but simply is. 

Let us bring balance to our lives by looking within and transmuting those stagnant beliefs into flowing changes of creativity.  It's not easy to start with, but it's pretty cool trying to figure out how you can love the mozzie rather than fear and hate it... keep trying until you really see the mozzie in the photo above as something that you can revere.  Sometimes we are given help to revere something that we're told is harmful... for example the mozzie above has lost it's proboscus, can't feed anymore and is simply waiting to die.

Look for the clues in those stagnant old patterns of feelings and emotions that create disharmony and find a way to transmute them into beauty from within and beyond.

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