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All images on this blog are photos taken by me during many years of travel and volunteering. I've always wanted to share them and in some cases their story. And so with my love, I create to share "Images of beauty within and beyond".

If you wish to use any of the photos, please kindly request permission directly from me beforehand. Christine x

21 March, 2011

Cup of Light

8th March 2010, in the bungalow garden, Urubamba, Peru

In the cup of light, you will find a tonic that soothes your soul, mind and body.  Drink that which gives you peace and harmony, that which feels joyous and truthful.  Share the loving feeling that arises within and hold the energy in your heart to create a highway and connect to those to whom you wish to send this love.   

To create your tonic, search within the realms of your inner beauty and ask your guiding spirits to pour their energy into your intention.  From your filling heart, nurture all that is love and connect to the infinite highway of beauty and peace that can be shared and unifed amongst all that is.   

Can you begin to see the implication of the universal love that is?  Can you dwell on this implication and allow all the loving results to permeate your world and create such magnificence?   Go on, try it, a few moments everyday can create a world of pure love…

This lilly would light up every morning as the sun rose from behind the mountain.  It’s brilliance permeated the garden with a gentle yet strong feeling of love and courage.  It revealed all that it was through the light and shadow created by the sun and it’s movement in the gentle breeze.  It was and is a teacher to all that experience such repeating beauty in nature.