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All images on this blog are photos taken by me during many years of travel and volunteering. I've always wanted to share them and in some cases their story. And so with my love, I create to share "Images of beauty within and beyond".

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29 December, 2010

2011, A great year for change

At midnight on 30th June 2007, I was in Intag, Ecuador.  With little or no ambient lighting we had to find our way using torches.  I flicked my torch over some bushes to find some "eyeshine" from spiders.  Instead, I stood for 45 minutes and watched one of natures most magnificent changes.  A grasshopper expanding out of his old body and creating a new, larger version of himself.

Gently and very slowly pulling his antenna's out of their old skin....

Sometimes we have to make change to ourselves in very slow, caring ways.  If the grasshopper rushes this process and breaks his antenna's, he'll no longer be able to feel his way around the nature that he lives in.  Making the change though, allows him to feel further....

Here, he begins to scrunch up his new body to give him more length for pulling his new antenna's out.

Making shapes with our bodies can often remove blockages of energy that are no longer flowing.  A good stretch and crunch is wonderful for feeling lighter.  If the grasshopper didn't have the flexibility in his body, he wouldn't be able to pull his new antenna's out and find food.

Almost fully scrunched up, hanging on, upside down, beneath a leaf, through the stickiness of his old body.

Sometimes we find it hard to change, so why not look at the change from a different angle, like upside down for example, we often find ways to help ourselves if we remember to view things from many angles.  If the grasshopper was doing this on the other side of the leaf, he'd have to pull himself up against gravity making the change immensely difficult.  This way, gravity helps.

The antenna's are out now and he's just hanging upside down with only the probe tucked into his old body to hold him in place.

It's always a good idea to hold on to part of the old whilst adjusting to the new change.  Once the change is set, let go.

What next?  He now has to pull himself back up towards the leaf and old body in order to straighten out his body and remove the probe.

Change is often hard work, sometimes chaotic, sometimes frightening, sometimes over-whelming.  Our universe teaches us to do things and do things completely, leaving nothing half done.  The rewards for making the change become bountiful and the heart and mind become more connected by experience.

He's now grabbing his old body with his legs, he's getting ready to secure his hold and remove his probe.  He's also beginning to open his wings for drying and taking on their true form.

Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and just go for it.  Knowing that we will always be caught by love and experience, we have to contort the old and release into the new.

And now he is gently lowering his hind legs and pulling out the probe to finally return to hanging up the right way.

The dead leaf in the background to the left, takes on a mystical appearance of an owl - the night messenger.

Through tricky times of change and brave steps that we take to make them, we are always supported by our guardians, angels, love and universal energy.  Always.  We only have to take the first step...

Here our grasshopper is hanging on by his legs only.  His old body still vitally important for sticking to the leaf and supporting the heavy weight of his new body.

Strength and courage from within, trust and faith in the choice, all help to making a difficult challenge slightly smoother.  Still the rocky road but a lighter energy of love carrying you over and round it.

The final stages of expanding his beautiful new wings and adjusting to his new form.

As the catapillar metamorphises into the beautiful butterfly, so do grasshoppers change their old bodies for new, so do humans grow and evolve through change and experience. 

And now, he waits.... very patiently.

When we choose to change, we reflect on what was and what is now, we take time to get to know the change, to be it, to allow it and to enjoy it.
Finally, he's eaten his old self to give him energy, replacing that which he used to make the change.

2011 is a magical and mysterious year.  There are new energies surrounding and penetrating us.  Change is occurring everywhere at a molecular level and we know that tiny molecules and atoms make up a universe.  Be aware of these loving new changes all around us, absorb them, become them, break old patterns that destroy your happinness, choose other options that bring you happiness and love from within yourself, when we a truly loving from our hearts using the abundance of new energies that are around us right now, we unify our species into a pure, loving, light being.

Wishing everyone a truly magical, self-love empowering 2011.